Eglise Saint Sulpice: Pics and Stories

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The south tower
The back of the church from the rue Palatine
Place Saint-Sulpice from the church
The nave
The gnomon
The gnomon line
Strange mirrored writing


I had to take the exterior shot at a high angle because there was a large Christmas (2005) market filling the entire plaza in front of the church.

This is my wife's favorite church in Paris. She favours underdogs and lost animals (thus she married me?) and this church feels a bit neglected inside. Perhaps that's why it is her favorite.

Just inside the front doors is the font of holy water in a gigantic sea shell (tridacna gigas). We thought it was cool, commented on it and moved on.

Two weeks later we see another one in Monacco in the Oceanographic Museum and think, "Hmm. That's a coincidence." Then we read the plaqu next to it that says this is one half of the largest Giga ever found and the other half is used as a font in St. Sulpice in Paris.

Eglise Saint Sulpice south tower
Eglise Saint Sulpice interior
Tridacna Gigas