Hole in the Rock, Papago Park: Pics and Stories

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I grew up in Tempe Az, and have lived in the area since 1959. The "Hole in The Rock" was indeed great fun to climb, quite a dangerous adventure sneaking up the back (not much of a "trail" then & against parental permission!) as a 10 year old. Just as exciting at 15 years old at nite, to see the Phoenix lights & to sneak a first kiss. The view of the city was very unobstructed at the time,some streets in town were still unpaved & 4th of July fireworks were as though you could touch them. I remember several wedding ceremonies performed there. The picture & article bring back such good memories, & I'm not sure if my daughter has taken my grandaughters there to climb, so I shall invite this weekend (while I still can make it up!)
Millions of years! hmmmmm...wonder how many families/generations have been to see the view from that great hole in the rock? Thanks for the "blast from the past!"