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@ 2005-11-27 23:12:16

The trekearth page does have some great pictures on it, but it incorrectly describes this location as "the headquarters of the nightmarish bureaucracy", presumably the movie's Ministry of Information Retrieval, when in fact it is the setting for the "hero" Sam Lowry's apartment, as well as the pathway to the Chapel of Our Lady of the Checkout Counter. The bureaucracy headquarters was filmed at the now demolished Croydon Power Station in Cumbria.


Sam Lowry’s neighbourhood is Noisy-le-Grand, a self-consciously modern satellite town about twenty miles east of Paris on the RER line, en route to Eurodisney.

His bizarre apartment complex is architect Ricardo Bofill's 1984 Palacio d’Abraxas Apartments, Place d'Abraxas, off Boulevard du Mont d'Est, west of the town centre.

The extravagantly theatrical central courtyard of the complex provided the delirious pathway to the funeral parlour in Lowry's climactic fantasy. A great showpiece when built, it doesn't seem to have been well maintained.