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Analogman picture
@ 2005-11-07 06:56:23
What leads you to believe the ship is in trouble?
dda picture
@ 2005-11-07 13:19:44
For 2 reasons.
1) This link shows a lot of sunk ships after the Tropical Storm Jeanne in 2004 :

2) This boat tilt abnormally. See this other one, further :,-72.188276&spn=0.000001,0.000001&t=k&hl=en
Analogman picture
@ 2005-11-07 16:37:11
The above ship is not listing, it's merely an optical illusion created by the backward look angle. The photo was taken after the camera had passed overhead and was looking backward from the plane/satellite that took the picture.

Bring up the image using Google Earth and rotate it 180 degrees. The "tilt" goes away.
dda picture
@ 2005-11-07 21:13:40
If you're right, all the other boats in area are in trouble...
archcorsair picture
@ 2005-11-07 21:58:47
actually, that tilt does NOT go away after rotating it 180 degrees. Another reason is that you can see the bottom of the ship sticking out as if it was tilting.
dda picture
@ 2005-11-07 22:07:35
Not everytime. For example, the sunken boats in Irak are almost all on the sides :
Depends of how deep is the area.
jbottero picture
@ 2006-02-24 12:32:37
It does look like the water is coming up on one side.