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RankMapRating# Votes
1.Van Attack on Muslim Ramadan Worshippers (19 JUN 2017)105
2.Plane Climbing after Takeoff107
3.Dead body in Mexico105
4.Dragonair Cargo landing at Manchester1030
5.Tolbachik eruption1011
6.Flyby of Space Shuttle Enterprise on Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft1044
7.A Hurricane Proof House10266
8.Philip Odegard's Lake House1084
9.House in Black10287
10.Kirk Hammett's House (Former)10152
11.Link Neal's House105
12.Nicky Armstrong riding a penny farthing107
13.Google captures a Butterfly924
14.Wilmer Valderrama's House95
15.8 FERRARI in luxury villa Beverly Hills9533
16.A-10 Thunderbolt II [355 FW]915
17.Thousands of Butts926
19.Ceremonial South Pole913
20.Taking off from JFK910
21.ValuJet Flight 592 memorial922
22.Two Paragliders911
23.United Airlines Landing (Closeup!)913
24.Auerbach aircraft collection971
25.Midwest Express Airlines Flight 105 crash site924
26.Space Shuttle Atlantis912
27.Ford Robinette's House9140
28.Seawolf class submarine951
29.American alligator947
30.Peter A. Appel's House947
31.Lone Rock Point - Danger Bay filming location9765
32.New Hangar Area 5199
33.Boeing Dreamlifter917
34.Regional Commuter Turboprop96
35.John Menard's House95
36.Airplane exhibition at Ivanovo Severny Air Base99
37.Derrek Lee's House95
38."8" PORSCHE Truck96
40.Bar Harbor Airlines Flight 1808 crash site9620
41.Ryan Van Wagenen's House920
42.Thomas Pritzker's House917
43.Southwest Jet on EMP Test Platform917
44.Helicopter in flight917
45.James H. Clark's House917
46.Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)925
47.Airplane In Flight925
48.Amish students group922
49.Jon Olsson's House910