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boothy443 @ 2013-12-15 22:23:54
boothy443 pictureApex adult theater
boothy443 @ 2013-12-15 22:17:30
boothy443 pictureJohns Hopkins - Bayview Medical Center
Formerly known as: Bayview Asylum, Baltimore City Hospitals, Francis Scott Key Medical Center
boothy443 @ 2013-12-15 22:13:39
boothy443 pictureRaddison - Lord Baltimore Hotel
Hotel is now independent, no longer part of the Radisson chain.
boothy443 @ 2013-12-15 22:11:54
boothy443 pictureBasilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
BEV thumb (previous) showed the rear of the Basilica and the residence of the Archbishop of Baltimore.
boothy443 @ 2013-12-15 22:04:47
boothy443 pictureBattle Monument
The statue atop the monument, known as "Lady Baltimore" was removed in October of 2013 and permanently moved to the Maryland Historical Society Museum and Library for preservation and conservation due to extensive deterioration. It has been replaced with a concrete replica.

boothy443 @ 2013-12-15 21:56:02
boothy443 pictureCharles County Power Plant
Known as Morgantown Generating Station. Owned and operated by NRG Energy.
boothy443 @ 2013-12-15 21:46:46
boothy443 picture1st Mariner Arena
Now known again as Baltimore Area following the conclusion and non renewal of naming deal with 1st Mariner Bank.
boothy443 @ 2013-12-15 01:33:39
boothy443 picturePhiladelphia State Hospital (Byberry)
Former psychiatric hospital, closed in 1990 following years of patient abuse. The site has been virtually cleared of the remnants of the hospital with portions undergoing redevelopment.
boothy443 @ 2013-12-15 01:30:28
boothy443 pictureCooley Law School Stadium
Now known as Cooley Law School Stadium.
boothy443 @ 2013-12-15 01:23:34
boothy443 pictureAnne Arundel Medical Center helipad
Since removed during subsequent hospital expansion projects.
boothy443 @ 2013-12-15 01:10:10
boothy443 pictureEd Smith Stadium
Now serves as the spring training home for the Baltimore Orioles.
boothy443 @ 2013-12-15 00:45:12
boothy443 pictureTroegs Brewing Company
Have since moved to a new facility in Hershey, Pennsylvania.
boothy443 @ 2013-07-19 08:00:32
boothy443 pictureVilla Julie College - Stevenson Campus
Now Stevenson University - Greenspring Campus
boothy443 @ 2013-07-19 07:56:58
boothy443 picture'Blue Cross Blue Shield' by Charles Brickbauer
Currently serves as the Headquarters for the Baltimore County Police Department.
boothy443 @ 2009-01-28 20:23:12
boothy443 pictureAirplane departing Cleveland
Title should read, leaving from Cleveland, and location should show Cleveland, Ohio. Coords and image are correct, just the the plain is leaving Cleveland Hopkins airport.
boothy443 @ 2008-09-26 20:17:18
boothy443 pictureLiberty Bell Center
This is not the Independence Visitor Center, the LL image shows an entrance to the underground parking structure, the Google image is of the National Constitution Center, the long building on the top. The new Liberty Bell Center ( is a block to the south across the street from the Independence Hall complex.
boothy443 @ 2008-01-10 02:12:36
boothy443 picture'Dolle's'
The sign actually reads Dolles for Dolle's Candyland, , a Rehoboth Beach staple. Should not be confused with Dolles of Ocean City, Marlyand (abt 45 kms to the south), which also makes candy and used similar script lettering.
boothy443 @ 2007-12-18 23:10:31
boothy443 pictureSecure National Security Agency (NSA) site
boothy443 @ 2007-11-13 12:55:10
boothy443 pictureHospital ship USS Sanctuary AH-17
Write up about it in The Baltimore Sun today (11.13.07) and aboout what the plans are to do with it.,0,2306421.story?coll=bal_tab05_layout
boothy443 @ 2007-05-21 21:41:38
boothy443 pictureBaltimore Nipper
I am sorry but i disagree and your argument against holds no weight. First off if you wanted just "humanoid" characters that the category should have been stated as such, just being a "muffler man style figure" is not enough of a description to infer "humanoid" characters only. I took the category to be giant fiberglass like figures, with "muffler man" as an example, that were or are used for advertising purposes.

Also your wrong about them tracking only human like figures. On...
boothy443 @ 2007-05-10 18:35:06
boothy443 pictureScary Mural
Looks like an advert for Pirates of the Caribbean.
boothy443 @ 2007-04-25 00:25:38
boothy443 pictureAircraft flying over Quantico Marine Corps Base
I am guessing that it would be a comercial, 737, going to dulles
boothy443 @ 2007-04-01 20:53:46
boothy443 pictureNew Bolton Center - George D. Widener Hospital for Large Animals
Just as a note as i forgot to add it, this is the center at which Barbarro was treated.
boothy443 @ 2007-03-20 18:37:05
boothy443 pictureThe Spire of Dublin
It's not The Needle, It's The Spire of Dublin,, of course it has several other intresting names as well ;)
boothy443 @ 2007-03-14 20:20:37
boothy443 pictureBaltimore Incident
My guess is yes that is the same kind of truck that is out side of Barnes and Nobels, more then likely it's a city cherry picker replacing bulbs in street lamps. As for the purple truck, the logo on the top is one of the logos for the Baltimore Ravens football team, i am guessing that it is one of the promotions trucks for the Ravens Radio Network, which would also explain the ppl around it.