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photog @ 2011-04-21 05:38:57
photog pictureAirborne Forces Training Over North Korea
They look like bales of cuttings from the field.
photog @ 2005-05-20 14:36:16
photog pictureHeliport
Here at the Western Army National Guard Aviation Training Site Gunfighter University we train the 21st Century Army Aviation Soldier, by giving them the skills to defend our nation.

The mission of the Western Army National Guard Aviation Training Site(WAATS) is to conduct Department of the Army, individual qualification training as well as professional development courses. All formal courses taught at WAATS are TRADOC approved.

The training site was originally...
photog @ 2005-05-20 14:33:43
photog picturePicacho Auxiliary Army Airfield #1
In January of FY-95 a state of the art aviation stagefield was opened near Picacho Peak, and then in April the AH-64 Apache Combat Mission Simulator became a reality.

The concept plan for the Western Arng Aviation Training Site (WAATS) was developed in 1978. This plan identified a critical need for supporting the aviation training for the Army National Guard. The Western AATS was established by the National Guard Bureau (NGB) in order to perform basic and advanced aviation...