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qstone @ 2014-01-14 18:59:28
qstone picture"Rawhide Western City" sign
Right on, great post. Rawhide is great, we went there a lot as kids growing up in AZ.
qstone @ 2012-10-01 13:12:09
qstone pictureMartin"The General" Cahill's Former Home
A Street interview with the real Martin"The General" Cahill, who always hid his face with his hand. If you get a chance watch "The General," it's a pretty good movie about Cahill's life.

qstone @ 2012-09-29 11:53:12
qstone pictureMan on camel looking up towards camera
Now that's the kind of stuff I would like to submit. What a great find!
qstone @ 2012-09-26 21:52:01
qstone picture"The Shining" Filming Location Timberline Lodge
qstone @ 2012-09-24 11:12:42
qstone pictureThe Rat Pack
There it is, thank you for posting the direct link. I appreciate it.
qstone @ 2012-09-24 09:00:02
qstone pictureThe Rat Pack
Where is on the actual map is this Rat Pack picture? I looked through the map and could not find it?
qstone @ 2012-09-21 12:06:29
qstone picture"Roseanne" Filming Location Lobo Lounge
You can see "The Lobo Lounge" in this episode of "Roseanne" at the 3:36 mark. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltd4YlQuHlY
qstone @ 2012-09-21 02:51:35
qstone picture"Wonderland" Filming Location "Eddie Nash's home"
qstone @ 2012-09-13 23:41:39
qstone pictureÁngel de la Libertad
Check out the "Ángel de el Libertad's cool rotating laser at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLR6RmnLYCM
qstone @ 2012-07-26 14:16:21
qstone pictureDodge M43 military ambulance
It looks like one the ambulances used on the television show M*A*S*H*
qstone @ 2012-07-25 09:54:22
qstone pictureSioux City Public Museum
Amazing, I have not seen this museum in years. When I was around 8 or 9 we lived nearby, and my brother and I use to walk to this museum. Thanks for posting this, what a blast from the past.
qstone @ 2012-07-03 20:58:05
qstone pictureRodney King's House (Former)
Can't we all just alone? Wait, that's not it.
qstone @ 2012-07-03 12:58:11
qstone pictureDave Matthews' House
That is a very modest home for a performer of his caliber, but I am not surprised, he doesn't seem like the type to buy a big huge fancy mansion.
qstone @ 2012-07-03 12:53:02
qstone picture'Gold Base' - Church of Scientology media division
Insert evil music here....
qstone @ 2012-07-03 12:52:27
qstone pictureMatthew McConaughey's House
I just want to say in the immortal words of Matthew McConaughey, "Alright,alright, alright!"
qstone @ 2012-07-03 12:51:06
qstone pictureAndy Griffith's House (former)
Nice job finding his home, I tried but couldn't locate it.
qstone @ 2012-07-03 12:49:34
qstone pictureAndy Griffith's House
Andy was not living in this home at the time of his death, he was living in Manteo, North Carolina. I tried locating it to no avail.
qstone @ 2012-07-03 12:43:26
qstone picture'Fountain' by Marcel Duchamp
Is it terrible that I thought that was an antique toilet bowl?
qstone @ 2012-07-03 12:42:39
qstone pictureValerie Montgomery-Rice's House
That is a very nice home. Although it does resemble a hotel, but nice nonetheless.
qstone @ 2012-06-16 13:33:59
qstone pictureThe location of the 1995 film "Friday"
Thank you, I appreciate that.
qstone @ 2012-06-16 08:41:00
qstone pictureWilly Wonka's Chocolate Factory (what's left of it)
I heard the boy who played Charlie now lives in Upstate New York where he a veterinarian.
qstone @ 2012-06-16 08:38:57
qstone pictureFloyd Mayweather Jr.'s House
Floyd's current home is the Clark County Correctional Facility in Las Vegas, where he is spending 3-months behind bars for the December 2010 beating of his ex-girlfriend in front of their children.
qstone @ 2012-06-16 08:30:01
qstone pictureAmityville Horror home
The house used in the film "Amityville Horror"' is actually located in Toms River, New Jersey (I will try and post it if not already.) During the production, The N.J. home was modified to look like the actual DeFeo home and has since been moved closer to the water. By the way, I hear the actual house is for sale again. Any takers?
qstone @ 2012-06-16 08:17:57
qstone pictureHouse from the Wonder Years TV show
From looking at the street view of the house,it looks as if the house has been repainted recently.
The production company used this neighborhood a lot during the filming of "The Wonder Years" Winnie's house is across the street.
qstone @ 2012-06-16 08:08:23
qstone picture'Into the Wild' - location of the abandoned bus
Great job! How on earth did you find this location? It's crazy to think what drives some people to go out and live way out in the middle of nowhere with little supplies and little knowledge about their surroundings.
qstone @ 2012-06-16 08:05:14
qstone pictureScarface Mansion
It's funny how everyone thinks this house is in Miami. I did hear that the production team did use another home in Miami to double the California house but I can't attest its veracity.
qstone @ 2012-06-16 07:52:16
qstone pictureEddie Murphy's House
His home looks more like a resort than a home. Thanks for posting it.
qstone @ 2012-06-14 21:15:22
qstone picture"Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story" Filming Location
Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate it.