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zoidberg @ 2005-11-19 21:09:25
zoidberg pictureNASA KC-135 N930NA on static display
The "Vomit Comet"
zoidberg @ 2005-11-16 17:48:09
zoidberg pictureSpace Shuttle transport 747
on google eateh, look at the tail stabilizers. The shadow shows that they are squared off, someting you are not likely to find on another 747. The pictures at airliners.net show the plane at marana several times, alongwith the square stabilizers.
zoidberg @ 2005-11-15 20:48:27
zoidberg pictureGuaranteed Rate Field
i still consider it comiskey. GO SOX!!!
zoidberg @ 2005-08-31 20:54:35
zoidberg pictureMcDonald's USA First Store Museum
what i meant was its the first franchised Mcdonalds
zoidberg @ 2005-08-31 20:25:35
zoidberg pictureC-41 Nike Missile site
sorry. i thought one of the attachments was a different place but it wasnt. the area with the gravel was the site of the launchers both my parents agree. the government leased that land but not the concrete area at cornell and hayes. i misidentified one of the pictures and probably gave you carpal tunnel for both i apologise.
zoidberg @ 2005-08-29 18:14:56
zoidberg pictureC-41 Nike Missile site
there is proof of launchers at Jackson park from the chicago park district website. there was another launcher at 31st street and lake shore drive. http://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/custom.natureOasis10