Grey’s Anatomy is Back!

Once again, this fall, Thursday nights will be filled with the drama and excitement surrounding the doctors and nurses at Seattle Grace Hospital.

Grey’s Anatomy is starting its 18th season! As we return to watch the full-drama prime time show, it’s fun to look back and see some old familiar faces, and learn about their real lives.

Shonda Rhimes, Los Angeles, CA

Without Shonda Rhimes’ creative genius, and drive to create the show, Grey’s Anatomy would never have become the long-standing success that it is. She’s become a powerhouse in Hollywood, directing and leading several incredibly successful series.

In 2014, Shonda bought an LA-area home for $8.8 million, and worked for years to renovate and upgrade the structure. In July 2021, just as she finished a $100 million deal with Netflix, she put her estate on the market for $25 million.

The 100-year home has 11,700 square feet, seven bedrooms, even more bathrooms, a pool, outdoor fireplace, landscaped garden, and a fountain for good measure. With a separate guesthouse and a cabana, it’s sure to be a great purchase for someone who has that kind of money.

Shonda Rhimes' House (Birds Eye)
Shonda Rhimes' House

Ellen Pompeo, Los Angeles, CA

Ellen bought this house in 2009 with her husband Chris Ivery. Together, they set about renovating the 1930s Mediterranean mansion in the Los Feliz area of LA. After years of hard work, the now-16,000 square foot dream home is perfect. It’s even been featured in high-end magazines!

The couple renovated the home down to its bones: widening windows, upgrading finishes, expanding the square footage, and restoring it to its old Hollywood beauty. The focal point of the home is the living room, with 11-foot iron and glass doors, big windows, and hand crafted original furniture.

Ellen Pompeo's House (Birds Eye)
Ellen Pompeo's House

Patrick Dempsey, Malibu, CA

Patrick Dempsey starred opposite Ellen Pompeo for fifteen seasons, as her boss, lover, and husband. Even though he left the show a few years ago, he’s still one of the most memorable, and influential, characters from the entire show.

Filming took a large toll on his family and marriage, so he and his wife separated in 2005. But he chose to leave the show, and and he and his wife reconciled. The reunified couple bought a new home in Malibu in 2016, for $6.4 million.

The one-acre property has a pool, cabana, tennis court, and landscaped gardens. The 4,400 square foot home has four bedrooms, four baths, and lots of space for the race car driver worth $80 million to relax and enjoy his wife and family.

Patrick Dempsey's House (Google Maps)
Patrick Dempsey's House

Sandra Oh, Los Angeles, CA

Sandra Oh starred for ten seasons on the show, cementing her reputation as an incredible, tough-as-nails actress. She left the show on her own terms, ready to move on to new projects in Hollywood.

The incredibly private actress lives in Los Angeles, in the home she bought in 2002 forĀ  $800,000. Even though she’s worth more than $25 million, she is down to earth and enjoys her home, and her lifestyle, that she has established since arriving in Los Angeles.

Sandra Oh's House (Birds Eye)
Sandra Oh's House

Justin Chambers, Los Angeles, CA

Justin Chambers is another private cast member who rose to fame and fortune starring in Grey’s Anatomy. He left the show after 17 years, wanting to move on in his acting career to new and different roles. When he left, he was making $350,000 an episode!

While his on-screen character was a playboy, immature doctor who took forever to grow up and settle down, Justin settled down early. He married his wife Keisha in his early 20s, and the couple have five children.

He and his wife have a nice home in Los Angeles, and have managed to stay out of the spotlight in spite of him starring on one of the longest-running, most popular shows of all time.

Justin Chambers' house (Birds Eye)
Justin Chambers' house

Camilla Luddington, Sherman Oaks, CA

Camilla Luddington joined the cast of Grey’s Anatomy in 2012, and quickly went from recurring member to full cast member and fan favorite. She was born in the UK but her character is clearly American, which displays her great acting chops.

Camilla and her family had a gorgeous 3 bedroom bungalow in Sherman Oaks, but they put it on the market in late 2020, asking $1.45 million, after buying it in 2017 for $1.2 million. It’s not clear where she and her family will go next, but since she’s a star on one of TV’s most popular shows, it’s a good bet they’re getting an upgrade.

Camilla Luddington's House (StreetView)
Camilla Luddington's House

These are just some of the many, many stars and characters from Gray’s Anatomy over the years. The show has become a legend, and the actors and creators of the show are just as legendary, and they have the amazing real estate to prove it.

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