Happy Birthday, Jimmy!

Jimmy Kimmel, the long-standing late night television talk show host, is turning 55 today, so let’s take a look at the life and friends of this amazing comedian.

Main House in Los Angeles, CA

Jimmy, his wife Molly, and his two younger kids live in a gorgeous mansion in a celeb-filled neighborhood. The 5,500 square foot house has four bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, a gorgeous open interior, and a pool. It also has a guest house that Jimmy uses for all sorts of work purposes. Jimmy bought the house back in 2008 for around $6 million, which was NBD to the entertainer worth $45 million or more.

This neighborhood is full of celebrities. Kendall Jenner, Dakota Johnson, Johnny Galeki, and others live nearby. Kimmel and his former neighbor, John Kransinski, used to play all sorts of pranks on each other; one year Kimmel had the entire Kransiski house wrapped in gift wrap!

Jimmy Kimmel's House (Google Maps)
Jimmy Kimmel's House

Home in Hermosa Beach, CA

Jimmy owns two homes (or more, it’s hard to tell) in trendy Hermosa Beach. This beauty is only a block from the beach. Kimmel bought this house in 2004, shortly after he took on his late-night TV hosting gig. He paid around $2 million for the 2,200 square foot home. Homes in this neighborhood are all home, no yard, because of their high property value, and their proximity to the one really important feature: The beach.

Jimmy owns another home in the area, but it seems his sister-in-law lives there.

Jimmy Kimmel's House (Birds Eye)
Jimmy Kimmel's House

Sarah Silverman’s House, Los Angeles, CA

Before marrying Molly, Jimmy dated actress and comedian Sarah Silverman for several years. She appeared often on Jimmy’s show, and played a role in the long-running gag he has with Matt Damon.

Sarah now lives in a gorgeous, modern mansion in LA. She paid $3.5 million for the Los Feliz home, with four bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, that was built in 2020. She probably had the home custom designed, as it was never on the market and never officially for sale. Even though the lot is relatively small, there’s plenty of room for a pool!

Sarah Silverman's House (Google Maps)
Sarah Silverman's House

Martha Stewart’s Home, Bedford, NY

Jimmy appeared on the PBS television show Finding Your Roots and was told on-air that he is related to hosting maven Martha Stewart. Surprised, he joked that he would be coming to her house for the holidays.

Martha lives on a gorgeous working farm in Bedford, New York. While it’s only about an hour outside of Manhattan, it feels like an entirely different world. Her 150-acre farm is the perfect residence for the homemaker supreme, with gardens, greenhouses, barns, horses, chickens, and other animals, and more. The main residence dates back to 1925, and there are multiple other structures, including tenant homes and guest houses.

She paid about $15 million for the property in 2000, and has continually worked on it to make it perfect for her needs and desires. Maybe one day she’ll host Jimmy for Christmas dinner!

Martha Stewart's House (Google Maps)
Martha Stewart's House

El Capitan Entertainment Center, Los Angeles, CA

Jimmy Kimmel got his his start in show business on radio. Then he got a gig with Comedy Central. Eventually, he got his own late-night show on ABC, and has been there for twenty years!

The show has been filmed in Los Angeles, at the historic El Capitan Entertainment Center (formerly the Hollywood Masonic Temple). The venue is used for movie premiers and entertainment events in addition to being the home of Jimmy Kimmel Live! for the past 20 years.

Hollywood Masonic Temple (Google Maps)
Hollywood Masonic Temple

SoFi Stadium

Oddly enough, Jimmy Kimmel actually has a college football bowl game named after him. The Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl, as it will be called for the next few years according to the contract, will be played at the SoFi Stadium, the home of the NFL Rams and Chargers.

The stadium opened in September 2020, and is one of just a few stadiums that is shared by multiple sports teams.

Kimmel hosted the first LA Bowl in 2021, which is part of college football’s efforts to expand the post-season bowl series to involve more teams. He literally hosts the game, much like a celebrity hosts a parade or event, making it an entertaining and funny sports event.

SoFi Stadium under construction (StreetView)
SoFi Stadium under construction

Jimmy has it all, and turning 55 has to be exciting for the continually successful entertainer. From a wonderful, loving family, to a successful long-running television show, to a college football bowl game, and even new cousin Martha Stewart, this guy seems to have it all.

Happy Birthday, Jimmy! Maybe if your birthday wish is for Matt Damon to come on the show, it’ll finally happen this year!

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