Impact Craters

The term impact crater can be applied to any depression, natural or manmade, resulting from the high velocity impact of a projectile with a larger body. In most common usage, the term is used for the approximately circular depression in the surface of a planet, moon or other solid body in the Solar System, formed by the hypervelocity impact of a smaller body with the surface.

Barringer Crater (Google Maps)
Barringer Crater

Söderfjärden meteorite crater (Google Maps)
Söderfjärden meteorite crater
Henbury Meteorite Craters (Google Maps)
Henbury Meteorite Craters

Clearwater East and West Craters (Google Maps)
Clearwater East and West Craters

Mistastin Crater (Google Maps)
Mistastin Crater

Lappajärvi meteor crater (Google Maps)
Lappajärvi meteor crater
Shunak crater (Google Maps)
Shunak crater

Zhamanshin meteorite crater (Google Maps)
Zhamanshin meteorite crater
Vredefort Dome (Google Maps)
Vredefort Dome

Ilumetsa Crater (Google Maps)
Ilumetsa Crater

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