Photo Safari #15 – Results

Another great safari with 453 posts. adrbr and daggerwell played leapfrog for the lead all week with dagerwell in front at the end. K7ISS overtook WacoKidd110 in the final hour to finish 3rd. Good job folks!

The final results:

453 maps submitted.

daggerwell – 170 points
adrbr – 141 points
K7ISS – 52 points
WacoKidd110 – 49 points
LancelotLink – 21 points
forthefallendrms – 11 points
kuressaare – 7 points
giove – 2 points

Here are a few of my favorites:

Garage sale (StreetView)
Garage sale

Hat Stand (StreetView)
Hat Stand
Lucha libre mask cart (StreetView)
Lucha libre mask cart

Zebra skins for sale (StreetView)
Zebra skins for sale

Market in Helsinki (StreetView)
Market in Helsinki

Metal Animals & bikes (StreetView)
Metal Animals & bikes
Churros con Cajeta (StreetView)
Churros con Cajeta

Mexican flags for sale (StreetView)
Mexican flags for sale
Cotton candy vendors (StreetView)
Cotton candy vendors

Roadside Stand (StreetView)
Roadside Stand

Tune back in at midnight when we’ll construct a new safari!

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