Photo Safari #94 – Results

Y’all knocked this one out of the ballpark. Great job everyone. Xeba73 had a strong early lead for first but once adrbr gets going there’s no stopping him. In the end it was adrbr on top with Xeba73 in his first top three finish in second place. Fab eked out a tight third place.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Skatehal Arnhem (StreetView)
Skatehal Arnhem

North Salt Lake Skatepark (StreetView)
North Salt Lake Skatepark
Skateboarding (StreetView)

Skate Park (skateboarding trick) (StreetView)
Skate Park (skateboarding trick)

Victor Harbor Skate Park (StreetView)
Victor Harbor Skate Park

Skate Park (StreetView)
Skate Park
Burnside Skatepark (StreetView)
Burnside Skatepark

North Ogden Skatepark (StreetView)
North Ogden Skatepark
Skate Park (StreetView)
Skate Park

Skate Park (StreetView)
Skate Park

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