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Jeffrey Epstein, the wealthy financier and mainstay in elite New York and international circles, committed suicide on August 10 in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City. He was awaiting trial for the sex trafficking of minors. It had been rumored that Epstein committed sex trafficking, exploited women and girls, and hosted sex parties and erotic activities around the world.

Epstein had a list of friends and acquaintances that included Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, former senators and businessmen, and even international royalty. Epstein had longstanding ties to the most influential and important people in the world, and rumors that they participated in sexual activities hosted or arranged by Epstein have been swirling for years. This, combined with speculation that he held blackmail material on them, have made his prosecution and subsequent suicide front page news.

Herbert N. Straus House, New York, NY

On July 9, 2019, as Epstein was being arrested in New Jersey, FBI agents raided his gigantic home on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

The home, one of the largest private residences in the city, is over 50,000 square feet, and has nine floors, a fifteen foot wood front door and heated sidewalks!

According to reports, it is decorated from floor to ceiling in elaborate, eclectic and sometimes bizarre decor, including a stuffed black poodle on top of a Steinway grand piano and rows of glass eyeballs designed for English soldiers.

Jeffrey Epstein's House (Google Maps)
Jeffrey Epstein's House

Mansion, Palm Beach, FL

Epstein spent a lot of time in Florida, hobnobbing with celebrities, and hosting events that were rumored to be sex parties with underage girls.

In 2005, the mother of a young woman pressed charges against Epstein in Palm Beach, leading to his pleading guilty to prostituting an underage girl and was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Epstein was allowed “work release” where he could leave the prison for 12 or 13 hours a day to work and conduct business; treatment that is extremely rare in the U.S. judicial system and drew significant criticism from victim advocates and others.

Jeffrey Epstein's house (Birds Eye)
Jeffrey Epstein's house

Little St. James Island, U.S. Virgin Islands

Epstein owned a small island in the Caribbean, complete with a house that has, according to rumor, hosted “sex parties” for princes, American politicians, and wealthy individuals from around the world. He is alleged to have flown them to the island on his private airplane nicknamed the Lolita Express.

The island was raided in August 2019, in a search for more evidence against Epstein and his associates in relation to cases of sexual exploitation.

Jeffrey Epstein's House (Google Maps)
Jeffrey Epstein's House

Zorro Ranch, Stanley, NM

Among all the rumors of Epstein’s exploits that surfaced in the summer of 2019 were allegations that he had parties at his New Mexico ranch. The ranch sits on over 8,000 acres of land just outside Santa Fe.

Neighbors say Epstein threw parties so big that they would drown out the light of the stars.

He also supposedly wanted to use the ranch as a breeding facility to seed the human race with exceptionally attractive people by impregnating attractive women with his own DNA.

Jeffrey Epstein's House (Google Maps)
Jeffrey Epstein's House

Apartment, Paris, France

Epstein also maintained a residence near the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France, for when he visited the country for business or personal affairs.

Epstein purchased several units within the property at 22 Avenue Foch for a reported 1.5 million Euros in 2002.

With the scandal developing in the United States, French officials have begun investigating Epstein’s activities in Paris.

Jeffrey Epstein's Apartment (Google Maps)
Jeffrey Epstein's Apartment

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Mansion, Manchester, MA

Among all the people associated with Epstein and his alleged crimes, Ghislaine Maxwell’s name has come up most often. The British socialite was known as his girlfriend, best friend and associate. She coordinated many of the activities that have been the source of criminal allegations, and has been named by many accusers of playing an active role in sex trafficking.

As of the summer 2019, she lived in a mansion in Manchester, Massachusetts with her boyfriend, but she has evaded law enforcement in the days after Epstein’s death.

Jeffrey Epstein's Apartment (Google Maps)
Jeffrey Epstein's Apartment

While Epstein will not be held accountable for his alleged criminal activities, leaving victims unable to obtain justice from him, the intense media exposure and public attention to the events of the summer have all but ensure that the case will continue to be investigated, giving them some closure.

It is likely that others, even high profile individuals, will be implicated in the crimes and further criminal prosecution will take place.

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