This Week’s Birthdays – Week of March 5

March 5, 1871 – Rosa Luxemburg was a Marxist theorist, philosopher, economist and activist of Polish Jewish descent who became a naturalized German citizen.

Rosa Luxemburg (StreetView)
Rosa Luxemburg

March 6, 1831 – Philip Henry Sheridan was a career United States Army officer and a Union general in the American Civil War.

Philip H. Sheridan statue (StreetView)
Philip H. Sheridan statue

March 7, 1850 – Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, sometimes called Thomas Masaryk in English, was an Austro-Hungarian and Czechoslovak politician, sociologist and philosopher, who as an eager advocate of Czechoslovak independence during World War I became the founder and first President of Czechoslovakia, also was Moravian patriot.

Tomáš G. Masaryk statue by Vincent Makovsky (StreetView)
Tomáš G. Masaryk statue by Vincent Makovsky

March 8, 1978 – Nick Zano, American actor.

Haylie Duff & Nick Zano's House (Birds Eye)
Haylie Duff & Nick Zano's House

March 9, 1814 – Taras Hryhorovych Shevchenko was a Ukrainian poet, artist and humanist.

Taras Shevchenko statue (StreetView)
Taras Shevchenko statue

March 10, 1957 – Osama bin Laden, Saudi Islamist and leader of al-Qaeda (d. 2011)

Osama Bin Laden Compound as seen on BBC (Google Maps)
Osama Bin Laden Compound as seen on BBC

March 11, 1903 – Lawrence Welk was an American musician, accordionist, bandleader, and television impresario, hosting The Lawrence Welk Show from 1955 to 1982.

Lawrence Welk Museum (Google Maps)
Lawrence Welk Museum

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