VirtualGlobetrotting Survey 2012 Results

Hi everyone,

I want to thank everyone that took the recent VirtualGlobetrotting satisfaction survey. We had a higher-than-expected number of responses, and got a lot of great comments and feedback.

Below is a summary of the results, as well as our takeaways and how we’re going to address the feedback.


  • There were over 40 responses: 22% visitors (people who haven’t contributed a map), 70% contributors, 7% moderators
  • 78% of the survey responders had posted a map
    • Of those who hadn’t posted, almost half thought the submission process was too difficult
  • Most people were overall satisfied with the site and its components
    • Areas that could use improvement were the Forums and Overall Site Design (look)

  • 32% would participate in Games (Safaris, Scavenger Hunts) more if there was a small financial reward
  • 60% of respondants want to keep the map rating system as-is (1-10 Stars). Other respondants were split between Facebook-style (like-only) and Reddit-style (Vote Up/Vote Down)
  • 70% of respondants pay attention to their achievements and 70% want more achievements
  • 55% of people read the Blog (kjfitz is doing a great job!), with 81% wanting to keep the frequency as-is
  • Regarding what types of maps should be allowed:
    • 65% think no maps should be rejected
    • 10% think there should only be X posts per category a day for some categories
    • 25% think some categories should be rejected entirely
    • Only 27% of people would like to be able to hide specific categories from home page, navigation, searches automatically
    • Many of the responses complaining about certaint types of posts were upset about “random” posts (i.e. a random car) vs. a specific category (i.e. celebrity homes)
  • Improvements people want to see over the next few months:
    • 80% want to be able to make minor edits to maps
    • 43% want more than one More Info link
    • 33% want to be able to customize the home page more
    • 25% want to be able to re-submit rejected maps
    • 23% want mobile apps


  • We have some ideas for how to make the Submit page easier for everyone:
    • Change the country, state, and categories fields to type-and-autosuggest instead of a dropdown box, so you can easily search for a word
    • Updating the AutoSubmitter to be more reliable
    • We’re always open to other ideas for how to make it easier — leave a comment if you have one!
  • We will be working on improving the Forums and Site Design over time
  • Scavenger Hunts, which we haven’t done in two years, will come back soon. We will likely offer a small financial reward for the top finishers
  • We had been considering changing the rating system from 1-10 Stars to Vote Up/Vote Down, but it looks like most people want it to stay the same. We’ll still explore this possibility though
  • More achievements coming!
  • We will be more stringent on the “Buildings – Homes – Celebrity – Business” category, enforcing the More Info link on submission
  • The next features we’ll work on are allowing users to make minor edits to their maps, and being able to add more than one More Info link
  • We’re planning a mobile app that would show submitted maps around your location, and have a personal queue for maps to submit later

Thanks go out to everyone who took the survey. There were a lot more great written responses as well that we’ve taken into consideration. If you have anything specific you’d like to discuss, please reply to this post or start a new one in the Forums.

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