"It is made of earth, rock and sand, reinforced with soldiers, anti-personnel and anti-tank mines, trenches and radar detectors.
Also known as berm; the sand wall, with bunkers and fences is three metres high with regularly spaced garrisons, manned by Moroccan troops, barbed wire and several million landmines. The wall holds the biggest concentration of landmines in Western Sahara.
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By: dda
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@ 2005-12-25 11:57:34
I Think that that's not a part of the wall, I think that it's just a road.

The main difference of the wall is that it has got small garrisons every 2 or 3 Km and I can't see any of them in what you've identified as wall.

For instance you can clearly see these garrisons in these positions:

27º 25' 25'' N , 8º 45' 45'' W

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@ 2006-01-22 11:06:21
It isn't much. It is a linear pile of rocks with sand laboriously scraped over the pile. The prevailing winds have added much more than man has. There is a track, hardly to be called a road along side, and it is littered with landmines on one side or the other, depending on what aspiring nationalist group was last by.

It is part of the area where hurricanes are conceived. If you live in the US, you are probably breathing dust from there now.

See: http://www.library.cornell.edu/colldev/mideast/sahrbor.htm

All comma errors are intentional.

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@ 2006-06-28 17:38:16

2 km to the north of the last coordinates is the right place, now in high res. It's huge !