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O Canada!

Friday, Jul 1 2022 by

It’s Canada Day, celebrated as Canada’s birthday in honor of the three original Canadian colonies joining together in a federation.

In honor of Canada Day, let’s look at some of the highlights across Canada, from breathtaking mountain vistas to hip urban centers. You’ll be packing your bags to visit by the end of this list!

Banff National Park

Banff National Park is located in Alberta, and is part of the Rocky Mountain range. It has mountain ranges, great valleys, beautiful lakes and stunning glaciers.

Lake Louise is a favorite destination spot because of its pristine water that has an emerald hue from the melting glacial water that feeds the lake. There is a luxury resort on the eastern shore of the lake, so you can experience nature and the high life simultaneously.

Lake Louise (Google Maps)
Lake Louise

The Crowfoot Glacier can be viewed from the Icefields Parkway, which connects Lake Louise to the city of Jasper.

Crowfoot Glacier (Google Maps)
Crowfoot Glacier

For those who enjoy mountain climbing, Mount Chephrenis a must-visit in Banff. It is a difficult but rewarding climb, and often involves snowy traverses, so hikers must bring appropriate hiking gear.

Mount Chephren (StreetView)
Mount Chephren

Sable Island and National Park Reserve

Sable Island was one of the first Canadian islands discovered by European explorers. It has a unique ecosystem, including the world’s largest breeding colony of grey seals. It’s rough seas, foggy weather and changing sandbars have led to over 350 shipwrecks, and it is nicknamed the “Graveyard of the Atlantic”.

Sable Island National Park Reserve (StreetView)
Sable Island National Park Reserve

Ivvavik National Park

Ivvavik National Park in the Yukon Territory is a national park with many sites of cultural importance to Native people, a protected calving area for caribou, and some of the best river rafting in the world. Because of its remote location and protected habitats, only a limited number of visitors are allowed each year.

Ivvavik National Park (Google Maps)
Ivvavik National Park

Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies includes both hot springs and glaciers, in addition to the stunning mountains, valleys, lakes and streams that create the breathtaking landscapes of the park.

The Columbia Ice Field is the largest field of interconnected glaciers in the Rockies. It is estimated to be at least 140,000 years old!

Columbia Icefield - Athabasca Glacier (Google Maps)
Columbia Icefield - Athabasca Glacier

Angel Glacier is named because of its unique shape the looks like an angel with outstretched wings, and is located on Mount Edith Cavell.

Angel Glacier and Cavell Lake (Google Maps)
Angel Glacier and Cavell Lake

Even though much of the national park is comprised of glaciers and has a reputation of being frozen, the Athabasca Falls are stunning and powerful. The falls flow except on the coldest days, due to runoff from the gorge upstream.

Athabasca Falls (Google Maps)
Athabasca Falls

Calgary, Alberta

Calgary is one of the largest metropolitan areas of Canada. Growing from a small railroad outpost in the 1800s, it is now a regional economic and cultural hub, with both a cosmopolitan feel and cowboy undercurrent.

Calgary Skyline (StreetView)
Calgary Skyline

For a great view of the city, visit the Calgary Tower, which is an observation tower standing at 626 feet high.

Calgary Tower (Google Maps)
Calgary Tower

Visitors can gaze out over the city in one of the observation decks or while dining in the rotating restaurant, Sky360.

Calgary Tower (StreetView)
Calgary Tower

Back on the ground, the Calgary Zoo is a great place for families to visit. It is internationally acclaimed for its conservation efforts, as well as its commitment to presenting the wild animals in a humane and educational manner.

Calgary Zoo (Birds Eye)
Calgary Zoo

The Calgary Stampede is an annual rodeo and festival held in Calgary every summer.

Calgary Stampede Grounds (Birds Eye)
Calgary Stampede Grounds

It has large exhibitions, parades, a market and even amusement rides in addition to the famed rodeo.

Amusement rides at the Calgary Stampede (Bing Maps)
Amusement rides at the Calgary Stampede

The rodeo is one of the largest in the world, and many of the events are held in the Scotiabank Saddledome indoor arena. The arena is also home to the city’s professional hockey team, the Calgary Flames.

Scotiabank Saddledome (StreetView)
Scotiabank Saddledome


Vancouver has it all, from a cosmopolitan city center and vibrant nightlife to relaxing beaches, activities such as bird watching, hiking, boating, fishing and camping.

Rated as one of the best parks in the entire world, Stanley Park is a mix of natural beauty and careful landscaping.

Stanley Park (Google Maps)
Stanley Park

Totem poles dot the park, commemorating and paying tribute to the Native peoples of the northwest who were largely displaced by European settlers.

Totem poles at Stanley Park (Birds Eye)
Totem poles at Stanley Park

VanDusen Botanical Garden is a must-see for tourists, as it has both international vegetation growing throughout and a significant focus on local and regional plant life.

VanDusen Botanical Garden (StreetView)
VanDusen Botanical Garden


Montreal is a gem of a city. Located in Quebec, it is a primarily French-speaking city, and the European influences are felt throughout the city’s design and culture.

Montreal City Hall (StreetView)
Montreal City Hall

Like any European city, Montreal has its fair share of beautiful churches. Basilique Notre-Dame is located in Old Montreal, which was settled in the 1600s. The cathedral is breathtaking in its beauty and detail, especially when it is lit up at night.

La basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal (Google Maps)
La basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal

Canada is the second largest country in the world, and as this list shows, there are so many amazing things to discover about this hidden jewel of North America!






Happy 48th, Derek!

Sunday, Jun 26 2022 by

Today is Derek Jeter’s 48th birthday, so let’s take a look at the life and legacy of the MLB Hall of Fame superstar.

Yankee Stadium, Bronx, New York

Derek Jeter played for the New York Yankees for his entire 20-year major league career, leaving the team in 2014 as the team’s all-time leader in games played, hits, stolen bases, and more.

Derek played 2,747 games for the Yankees, in the old stadium and the new, which was finished in 2009. It cost $1.5 billion, making it one of the most expensive stadiums ever built. It’s also the sixth-largest capacity stadium. The old stadium, just a block away, was demolished and the land was turned into a park, called Heritage Field.

It was here that Derek won his fifth and final World Series Championship, against the Phillies, in 2009, the first year the stadium was used.

New Yankee Stadium (Google Maps)
New Yankee Stadium

National Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown, NY

When Derek was scouted as a teenager, someone famously said “the only place he’s going is Cooperstown.” And in his first year of eligibility, Derek was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, with a nearly-unanimous ballot.

And boy did he deserve it. Derek was an All-Star 14 times, an AL Golden Glove, Rookie of the Year, and so much more.

To any lover of baseball, Cooperstown is the perfect place for the hall of fame and museum, as it’s presumed that baseball originated in the small, northern New York town. Around 1,500 people live in the village, dwarfed by the millions who have visited the venue over the years.

National Baseball Hall of Fame (Google Maps)
National Baseball Hall of Fame

Mariah Carey’s Triplex, New York City, New York

Shortly after blasting into national fame as a starting shortstop for the Yankees, Derek fulfilled a childhood dream when he started dating gorgeous singer Mariah Carey. During the time they dated, Mariah bought units in this NYC building, eventually owning a triplex penthouse.

Derek and Mariah didn’t last, but the successful singer has kept the apartment all these years. It’s one place the entertainer worth more than $300 million has returned to over and over, especially during Covid lockdowns.

Mariah Carey's Triplex Penthouse (Birds Eye)
Mariah Carey's Triplex Penthouse

Mansion in Tampa, Florida

Derek was not just a superstar on the baseball field, he was a superstar real estate investor, too. He bought a large home in Tampa in 2011, and upgraded and expanded the property until it was a 20,000 mega-mansion fit for a king! With private boat lift, pool right on the ocean, nearly a dozen bedrooms and bathrooms, and more, you’d think Derek and his wife and three girls could stay forever.

For some reason, they moved out, and when Tom Brady came to Tampa, his family rented the estate. In the end, the property was sold for more than $20 million.

Derek Jeter's Mansion (StreetView)
Derek Jeter's Mansion

High Rise Condo in Coral Gables, Florida

After retiring from the Yankees, Derek became part owner of the Miami Marlins, until he sold his ownership in early 2022. To be close to the team, he bought a unit in a high rise condo building. He also owned a mansion in the area, which he offloaded in 2021.

Also in 2021, he bought some prime real estate in the area for $16.5 million, with the intent to build a dream home for his family from the ground up. When you’re worth nearly $200 million, you can do almost anything!

The Grove at Grand Bay (StreetView)
The Grove at Grand Bay

Derek seems to go from success to success, in both his professional work and personal life. Therefore, he is probably having a fabulous birthday. Let’s wish Mr. November a happy birthday, and hope he knocks the celebration out of the park. Happy birthday, Derek!


Movie Locations You Can Check Out

Wednesday, Jun 22 2022 by

Hollywood movies are magical because they take the viewers to amazing places without leaving their seats, spinning alternate realities for audiences of places that often don’t even exist.

But, there are some places that do exist in real life, and you can visit them all across the United States.


The iconic 1976 movie of a nobody boxer turned hero who goes the distance against the tough Apollo Creed was a knockout hit and turned Sylvester Stallone into a movie star. It also turned the Philadelphia Museum of Art into an international sensation when Rocky, training hard for the fight, used the 72 steps to prove he could take on the challenge.

The steps are now often referred to as the “Rocky Steps” and visitors from around the world stop at the museum just to walk up the steps, never entering the museum itself.

Philadelphia Museum of Art (Birds Eye)
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Thelma and Louise

This 1991 film features two housewives turned unintended outlaws who end it all in a dramatic drive over the edge of the Grand Canyon. In addition to earning both Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis Best Actress Oscar nominations, it was the breakout role for Brad Pitt.

The famous Grand Canyon scene was filmed at Dead Horse Point State Park in Utah, and park tourists can look up the exact location online and visit it, though there are no official markers, for various reasons.

Dead Horse Point State Park (StreetView)
Dead Horse Point State Park


Just saying the name of the movie gets the adrenaline flowing. Steven Spielberg set the thriller in a fictional New England town where a great white shark is menacing the town. The film was largely filmed on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, a sleepy fishing and resort town in Massachusetts.

Since the filming, the island has had a significant and sustained increase in tourism, but guests of the island will immediately recognize sites from the movie, since little has changed in the more than forty years since the original film’s release.

Martha's Vineyard (Google Maps)
Martha's Vineyard


An instant sensation, Ghostbusters is a goofy supernatural comedy that takes place in New York City. As the trio of ghostbusters need a new business location, they take over an abandoned fire station. The station is the real life home to Firehouse, Hook & Ladder Company 8, a part of the New York City Fire Department. The building’s exterior was used in the film but interior shots were done mostly in California. Nonetheless, the site is a quirky but popular tourist site in the city.

It is also known for its firefighters being among the first to respond to the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001.

Ghostbuster Firehouse (Birds Eye)
Ghostbuster Firehouse

A Christmas Story

A cult Christmas classic, A Christmas Story tells the tale of a young boy who wants an air rifle for Christmas, but is told by every adult that “you’ll shoot your eye out, kid”. This film is a holiday tradition, largely because it provides an idealized view of Christmas through the eyes of children and portrays the dynamics of a realistic if not ridiculous American family.

The movie was filmed in Cleveland, Ohio in 1983, and has the perfect home to portray an all-American family. The home, so integral to the movie’s plot, has been turned into a museum dedicated to the movie, and you can even buy souvenirs including a Major Award Leg Lamp and a full body bunny suit!

House From 'A Christmas Story' (StreetView)
House From 'A Christmas Story'

Hunger Games

The second installment of The Hunger Games focused on the tributes’ living quarters, which was an elaborate and breathtaking facility in Panem.

In real life, many of the scenes were shot at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

Atrium of the Atlanta Marriott Marquis (StreetView)
Atrium of the Atlanta Marriott Marquis

The hotel’s breathtaking atrium and glass elevators were the perfect location for the pivotal scenes in the movie. Several other scenes were filmed in and around Atlanta, providing any fan days of touring and reliving the exiting scenes from the movie.

"Atlanta Marriott Marquis" by John Portman (Birds Eye)
"Atlanta Marriott Marquis" by John Portman

Field of Dreams

The 1989 tale of a man compelled to build a baseball field in his corn field in Iowa is now a sports classic, bringing back feelings of nostalgia for one’s youth, relationships with loved ones and memories of childhood dreams left unfulfilled.

The farms where much of the movie was filmed, including the house and baseball stadium, have been preserved as a tourist destination. Admission is free and guided tours are provided with a reservation. The local community is very involved in preserving the magic of the story and there are often interactive experiences available for visitors to the site.

Field of Dreams (Bing Maps)
Field of Dreams

Whether you’re a die hard movie fan or just happen to be in an area where any of these movies were filmed, you should take the time to visit the sites. It will be a fun experience, especially if you sit down to watch the movie again after seeing it in real life!



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Elenak Airport
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By Fab
Lae Airport
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Ebadon Airport
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By Fab
Matapa Chasm
© Google Maps
By Fab
Tabal Airstrip
© Google Maps
By Fab
Nuie Foou Hospital
© Google Maps
By Fab
Utuko Beach
© Google Maps
By Fab
Beran Island Resort
© Google Maps
By Fab
Makefu Ekalesia Church
© Google Maps
By Fab

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© Google Maps
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Mount Wonvara
© Bing Maps
By Fab
Lo Island
© Bing Maps
By Fab
Craig Cove Airport
© Google Maps
By Fab
© Bing Maps
By Fab
Mota Lava Airport
© Google Maps
By Fab
Dillon's Bay Airport
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Malekoula Airport
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© Google Maps
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Valesdir Airport
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Friday, July 01, 2022

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Guam Memorial Hospital
© Google Maps
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Lamen Bay Airport
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Maewo-Naone Airport
© Google Maps
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Torres Airport
© Bing Maps
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Cocos Island (Guam)
© Google Maps
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Iniskim Umaapi
© Google Maps

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Mount Sasalaguan
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© Google Maps
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Mount Schroeder
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Mount Chachao
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Mount Ilicho
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Mount Tenjo
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By Fab
Mount Alutom
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