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It's Howard Stern's Birthday!

Wednesday, Jan 12 2022 by

Howard Stern came to fame as a “shock jock”, a radio host who pushes the limits of decency and convention while entertaining, and shocking, their listeners. Once one of the most polarizing figures in American culture, Howard has aged like a fine wine, growing new audience bases, reaching out to more Americans, and increasing his reputation and popularity across many demographics.

So, on his 67th birthday, let’s take a look at the man who made pushing the envelope a career, and wish Howard Stern a happy *bleeping* birthday.

Childhood Home, Roosevelt, NY

Howard Stern was born on January 12, 1954, in Queens, NYC. When he was young, the family moved to Roosevelt, on Long Island. While there, he got his first taste of entertaining, playing with marionettes and puppets, as well as joining a band, where he sang and played on the keyboard. His dad worked in radio, perhaps giving Howard the initial exposure and interest in the career that would make him famous.

Howard Stern's childhood home (StreetView)
Howard Stern's childhood home

Fred Norris Homes

Early in his career, Howard came across fellow radio host Fred Norris, and the two became friends. When Howard became popular enough, he was able to bring Fred onto his show, an opportunity of a lifetime. Since that first gig in 1981, Fred has worked with Stern in several cities and on several stations, and has an estimated net worth of at least $16 million!

Apartment in NYC

Fred bought an apartment in New York City in 2011, which is smart since the radio show is usually recorded in the city, and his main residence is about two hours outside the city. He paid $1.4 million for the 1,370 square foot unit.

Fred Norris' Apartment (Google Maps)
Fred Norris' Apartment

Home in the East Hamptons, NY

Fred’s wife, Allison, is a real estate agent in the East Hamptons. The family owns a home there, with great landscaping, lots of privacy, and, of course, a pool.

Fred Norris' House (Google Maps)
Fred Norris' House

Robin Quivers Mansion in Beach Haven, NJ

Robin Quivers is the long-running co-host to Howard Stern on his radio show. The “Voice of Reason” plays such an integral role in the show that Howard has said, without her the show would be cancelled. But Robin is more than a sidekick, she’s become Howard’s best friend over the 40 years they’ve worked together.

Robin has earned a lot of money working with Howard, making at least $10 million a year. In 2013, she sold off much of her real estate and bought a seven bedroom mansion in New Jersey.

She paid about $3.4 million for the mansion in the small and exclusive town of Beach Haven, about 70 miles from Manhattan. It’s a lot of money to most people, but since her net worth is at least $75 million, she could easily pay cash!

Robin Quivers' House (Birds Eye)
Robin Quivers' House

Mansion in Southampton, NY

Howard and his wife own a gorgeous mansion in elite Southampton on Long Island. He bought 4.5 acres in 2005 and built a custom mansion in 2012. It has eight bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a master suite as big as many homes, bowling alley and wine cellar.

It also has a studio, which was great during the Covid lockdowns, as Howard recorded his show from here.

Howard likes to maintain and upgrade his property, which is easy enough to do since he is worth abut half a billion dollars, and makes about $100 million more every year.

Howard Stern's House (Google Maps)
Howard Stern's House

Penthouse, Manhattan, NY

Howard has long worked in downtown NYC, so it only makes sense that he has a place nearby. And what a place it is! Over two decades, he acquired two entire floors of the Millennium Tower in downtown Manhattan, giving him 8,000 of living space, all for a cool $21 million. This building is home to some of the richest and most famous New York residents, so it’s perfect for Howard.

Howard Stern's Penthouse (Birds Eye)
Howard Stern's Penthouse

Mansion, Palm Beach, FL

In 2013, Howard dropped $52 million on an estate in Palm Beach, Florida. He’s since spent more than $13 million renovating the home, including adding a studio nearly identical to the one he has in New York. He’s recorded some shows here in 2021, stating he prefers the lifestyle, weather, and tax structure in Florida.

The house has a custom 1,000 foot closet just for his wife alone, five bedrooms, 12.5 bathrooms, and a guest house. The home has 19,000 square feet of living space on 3.25 acres, has a pool, and direct beach access. What a life!

Howard Stern's House (StreetView)
Howard Stern's House

Howard has come a long way, from rough neighborhood in New York City to one of the richest entertainers in the world! He has amazing real estate, a great job, and most importantly, friends and family who love and support him as he continues to evolve in his career. On his birthday, no matter where he is, he’s sure to have a wonderful birthday

Happy birthday, Howard!






Divorce Monday, and Who Broke Up in 2021

Monday, Jan 3 2022 by

The first Monday in January is known as “Divorce Monday” because so many people file for divorce as soon as they can after the holidays.

In honor of this macabre milestone, let’s take a look at some of the couples who didn’t make it to the end of 2021.

Kim and Kanye

Perhaps the biggest breakup of the year is the separation of Kim and Kanye West. After six years of marriage, the celebrity powerhouse couple filed for divorce. While both parties have moved on, Kanye still seems interested in making it work.

Since she filed for divorce in February, Kim has continued to live in the family’s massive Hidden Hills mansion that was finally completed in 2020. The renovations took six years, and now the house is valued at up to $60 million!

The home is unique, to say the least, with sinks that don’t have basins, closets the size of living rooms, and massive spaces for entertaining. The multi-billion dollar couple will have a lot for their attorneys to sort out in the next little while, but at least they’ll be living in comfort while they work things out.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's House (Google Maps)
Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's House

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid were one of Hollywood’s prettiest couples. The former One Direction supersinger and the gorgeous high fashion model dated for four years, and even had a baby together in 2020. However, after family disputes, the couple broke up in November 2021.

During most of the pandemic, the couple were living at a ranch in New Hope, Pennsylvania, next to property owned by Gigi’s mom, Yolanda Hadid.

Yolanda Hadid's House (Google Maps)
Yolanda Hadid's House

In 2018, Zayn closed on a New York penthouse for $10.7 million. The pad has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a 1,000 square foot terrace, and a generous 4,000 square feet of living space. That’s a lot of space for any house, but in NYC, it’s crazy! But this guy is worth more than $75 million, so he can afford it.

Elon Musk and Grimes

Elon seems to be at the peak of his game. His electric car company Tesla has a reputation for being one of the coolest cars on the market. SpaceX has been making headlines for successfully making trips into space. He’s the richest man in the world!

But in September 2021, it was announced that his relationship of three years with Grimes, a creative and unique singer, producer and all-around musician, had reached its final conclusion. The couple had a baby boy in 2020, and have announced they at least “semi-separated.” But they’re still living together, for now.

Elon has also recently sold most of his real estate, and his personal property, and moved into a tiny 400 square foot box house set on the property of SpaceX in Texas.

SpaceX South Texas launch site (StreetView)
SpaceX South Texas launch site

Bill and Melinda Gates

In May 2021, it was announced that Bill and Melinda Gates were getting divorced. To many, the news was a shock, as the couple had been together for nearly 35 years. It turns out, the couple had been quietly divorcing for two years before the news was made public.

The news drew quite a bit of unwelcome attention to Bill’s personal life and decisions in the past. The divorce took two years to finalize because of the massive assets the couple had. Together, they were worth about $152 billion in 2021!

Their primary home outside Seattle, Washington is estimated to be worth $130 million! In the 66,000 square feet of living space are a trampoline room, seven bedrooms (only?) and 18.75 bathrooms. Outside it has a 60 foot pool complete with an underwater music system. No word yet on who will keep the house. Good thing they’re both loaded because it’ll cost a fortune to clean it!

Bill Gates' House (Birds Eye)
Bill Gates' House

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

Engaged and close to tying the knot, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were a power couple until the abruptly split in April 2021. Both Jennifer and Alex love to date high-profile people, and it seemed like a match made in heaven for the four years they were together.

The couple bought a pad in Malibu in 2019 for $6.6 million. The beachfront property once belonged to Jeremy Piven. The three-story home has about 4,400 square feet, and is hidden behind a private entrance and gorgeous landscaping designed to increase privacy. The couple sold the home before they broke up, which makes separating assets a little easier.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's House (Google Maps)
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's House

Both Jennifer and Alex have ties to Miami, so it was a no-brainer that they bought a $33 million mansion. It has a gorgeous pool for when the direct boat access to the ocean doesn’t cut it. The interior decor is opulent, with deep wood walls, floor-to-ceiling windows, and high-end finishing. No word yet on who will keep the house.

Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez's House (Birds Eye)
Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez's House

While celebrities may be just like us in the break up department, they’re definitely not like us when it comes to finding a new pad post break up. If you’re going through a rough patch, just remember at least you’re not arguing over who has to keep up a $60 million LA mansion without proper sinks!





Farewell, Betty White

Sunday, Jan 2 2022 by

In a complete shock to the entertainment world, Betty White passed away in her sleep on December 31, 2021. She was just shy of her 100th birthday, but seemed as healthy, happy, and lovable as ever.

As we mourn the loss of America’s sweetest comedian, let’s look back on her long life and career.

Carmel, California Home

Betty White began her career in radio, before television entertainment was even a thing! She had already been acting for more than 30 years when she appeared on a game show hosted by Allen Ludden. The two fell in love and were married in 1963.

The happy couple bought land in Carmel, California, and built their dream home. It was about 3,000 square feet, with two bedrooms and five bathrooms. However, fate was cruel, and Allen passed away from cancer just days after the home was completed.

Nonetheless, Betty moved in and lived there for decades, until she had to move to Los Angeles, in order to receive better personal care during the Covid-19 pandemic. Betty was devastated at the move, as she had hoped to live there until she died.

Betty White's House (Google Maps)
Betty White's House

Los Angeles, California Home

Betty White passed away in her sleep in her new home, on December 31, 2021. While it wasn’t where she wanted to be, the 3,600 square foot house was a good home for the actress, and she found ways to be happy there. The house had a gorgeous kitchen, swimming pool, and rooms dedicated to stuffed animals, which brought the animal lover great joy. She always told people that whenever she went in or out of these rooms, she said hello and goodbye to her beloved stuffed pets.

Betty White's House (Birds Eye)
Betty White's House

Golden Girls Home, Los Angeles, California

Betty White had been acting for 45 years when she starred in Golden Girls in the 1980s, cementing her celebrity status for another generation. Working alongside Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, and others, Betty stood out for her portrayal of the naive and sweet Rose.

The home featured in the show is a real house, in Los Angeles. Exterior shots of the home were used originally, but eventually a replica was built on a studio back lot for more convenient filming.

The Golden Girls House (Birds Eye)
The Golden Girls House

Sandra Bullock

One of her favorite fellow movie stars, Sandra Bullock loved Betty White. Long after they worked together in The Proposal, the two funny ladies were great friends. When Betty White received a lifetime achievement award, Sandra presented it to her.

Sandra is very private about her personal life, especially since adopting her son Louis. But she does maintain a residence in New Orleans, where he was born. The city is important to her, as she wants to maintain ties to his roots.

The 1876 Gothic-style home has 6,600 square feet, five bedrooms and four bathrooms, and set Sandra back about $2.25 million.

Sandra Bullock's House (StreetView)
Sandra Bullock's House

Ryan Reynolds

It seems that everyone who worked with Betty loved her, and she was especially fond of joking around with Ryan Reynolds about his “crush” on her. The two joked as recently as December 2021, right before her death. Ryan and his wife Blake Lively choose not to raise their family in Los Angeles, and have spent years in New York.

The couple lived in this home in Pound Ridge, NY for about a year before they decided to move down the street to a $5 million home that was better for their family. They are private about their kids, so we won’t link to that home here.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's House (Former) (Birds Eye)
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's House (Former)

Betty White’s passing on December 31 seemed like a fitting, if not frustrating, end to 2021, a year that was full of ups and downs. Even so, we will be grateful for the long life Betty had, and be grateful that she shared so much of it with her fans. Thank you, Betty, for the decades of laughs and joy you brought us all. We will not soon forget you.



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Vraňany weir
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Namu Island
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Remerschen water tower
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Motu Tabu
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Poland, Kiribati
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Ujae Atoll
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Fenua Loa
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Split Island
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Îles du Connétable
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Ilha do Frade
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Olstad Peak
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Koro Island
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Gaspar Grande
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Salt Island
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Jamaica House
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Chacachacare Island
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Isla Cubagua
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Goeblange water tower
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Île Chevreau
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