Found by 'Prototype' in the Google Earth forums. Note the ground level pictures in the 'more info' link below.

Crane accident in The Hague

21 april 2005

Just before 12 pm a crane fell on top of the upper level of a newly constructed building at the Laan van Wateringse Veld in The Hague. The crane operator was injured

The crane operator was working at the building when his crane fell on top of the upper floor and crashed through it. The operator also crashed with his control room on top of the building. The crane also hit a small building used by the people working at the building site. At the time of the accident that building was unoccupied.

The firebrigade first had to stabilize the crane in order to free the operator. He was taken to a hospital. The floor on which the crane is resting has been stabilized to prevent further damage.

Reported : 11.50 pm
Arrival at the accident : 11.55 pm
End of accident : 2 am
Number of dispatched vehicles : 12
Number of dispatched personel : 27
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By: kjfitz
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