57th Regiment, was established in February 1, 1915 in Tekirdag. The regiments command was given to Mustafa Kemal and to Lt. Colonel Huseyin Avni in February 23 the regiment depart to Çanakkale and arrived to Eceabat (Maydos) in February 25. After reclocating the Bigali Village in March 26, 1915 and held trainings until April 24 under the command of Mustafa Kemal and Lt. Colonel Huseyin Avni.

Mustafa Kemal issued his famous order, "I do not expect you to attack, I order you to die! In the time which passes until we die, other troops and commanders can take your place!" Most of the regiment died in Anzac Cove.

When the Australians first landed they encountered small bodies of Turks who, after doing what they could, withdrew back over the ridges. The main Turkish forces in the area had been held in reserve to see just where the British Empire troops were going to land on the peninsula. By 6.30 am a report had reached the commander of the Turkish 19th Division, Colonel Mustafa Kemal, that an enemy force had scaled the heights at Ari Burnu. Kemal’s troops were at Bigali, a small village off to the east beyond the main range, and he ordered his whole division to prepare to march to the coast. He himself set off riding at the head of the 57th Regiment. By about 9.30 am Kemal stood at Chunuk Bair with some other officers. He could see the British warships and transports off Anzac Cove and also, coming rapidly up the hill towards him, a group of Turkish soldiers who had been tasked with defending Hill 261 (Battleship Hill).

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