I can track it back fifteen miles. Must be an airliner coming down from Europe. Probably headed for Chicago.

This shot was obviously a satellite shot unlike the high res shots which are shot from airplanes.
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By: kjfitz
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@ 2005-10-14 08:30:27
ROFLMAO! Dude, you have WAAAAAAY too much free time on your hands. No wonder your wife is pinging on you to get a different hobby.

BTW, you're right about this being a satellite shot. However, some of the high res stuff here is satellite too, especially the stuff over North Korea, Iran, etc. The high res U.S. stuff is most likely aircraft but, for obvious reasons, Pyongyang is not as cooperative when it comes to overflight permissions.
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@ 2005-10-14 09:36:36
I drew a line along the contrail, then stretched it out. It certainly looks like a great circle route from northern Europe.
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@ 2006-04-27 17:17:52
Gone after April 2006 database update.