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@ 2006-03-04 14:00:00
This is the Al Sad airfield in Western Iraq, Iraq's second largest. It was taken by Austrailian Special Forces during a hottly contested battle pitting the SF troops against specially modified SUVs armed with heavy weaponry. After the base was captured, the Austrailians discovered dozens of flyable Iraq aircraft hidden in dry riverbeds, under groves of date palms and other creative concealment. Many of the aircraft can still be seen around the perimeter of the airbase.
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@ 2007-12-30 14:40:27
Camp Cupcake

Marines and soldiers at the outlying forward operating bases have another name for al-Asad -- "Camp Cupcake." It is a place where an oasis has served traders since the time of Abraham of the Bible. Al-Asad is thought of as luxurious compared with most other bases in Iraq. New housing, called "can cities," are springing up all over Al Asad. Metal trailers linked together provide one or two soldiers with 10-foot by 20-foot living areas. Latrines have running water and porcelain commodes in the can cities, not portapotties. Showers are spotless, just the place to refresh after an "abs" session with the on-base trainer. A theater shows movies day and night.