In addition to the National Headquarters building provided by the State of Indiana, The American Legion owns a building in Washington, D.C. Located in this building is an office for the National Commander to support frequent visits to the seat of government by the leader of the nation's largest veterans organization. Also located here are offices of an executive director, and operations for Legislative, Economics, National Security, Foreign Relations, Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation, and Media Relations.

The building has been on "K" Street in Washington -- three blocks from the White House -- since 1934. The original brownstone building was replaced in 1951 by a then-modern office building. The dedication of that new building took place on Aug. 14, 1951, with President Harry Truman presiding. Nearly four decades later, the building received a major renovation. It was rededicated on Feb. 25, 1990 by then-VA Secretary Edward Derwinski.
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