This is a textbook layout. With the contrast between the desert and the equipment it is very easy to pick out the cables connecting the batteries and control equipment, radars and support vehicles.

Maybe we can get analogman to give us a detailed comment on the components of the site.

Check it out in Google Earth and you can make out the missiles and a lot more detail.

There are two more of the sites protecting the air base to the east.

Also, each of the three sites has the same collection of buildings in close proximity.
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By: kjfitz
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Analogman picture
@ 2005-11-23 15:18:43
Yep, it's an SA-2 site. The cluster of vehicles in the center is the site control center and the single vehicle on the right of that cluster is the "Fan Song" missile control radar. The group of three vehicles on the northern of the site are the "Spoon Rest" search radar, generator, and radar console vans. The actual antenna is hard to see but the shadow of it is visible sticking out of the top of the upper left van. It looks like one of those old tv antenna on your grandparents house. The proper term for that type of antenna is a "yagi" array.

Fan Song -

Spoon Rest -