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kjfitz picture
@ 2005-11-12 01:58:00
velosteve points out that this is now the Asheville Mellowdrome, a bicycling track.
milwhcky picture
@ 2008-03-10 16:30:54
While it always hurts me to see historical race tracks close down, I'm glad to see the city of Asheville turned this into a useful facility without bulldozing the track. In addition to the velodrome, the land is now a park (Carrier Park) with a playground, roller hockey rink, and athletic fields.

Reminiscing race fans who visit can still see most of what was there. All too often, race tracks are torn down in favor of housing or commercial developments, erasing any clue of what used to be.
Anonymous picture
@ 2009-06-21 19:53:25
I think its a down right shame that something so full of history and was always packed was shut down due to it bothered the rich snobs at the biltmore. Asheville is all about saving historic sites unless you have enough money then we will over look that rule. I and others grew up there and will never forget the track nor forgive those that let it DIE!!! And now want even let another track be built. I used to be proud to live here now all the outsiders have took over and are ruining our great little town. I have only been to (CARRIER PARK) once and will never go back it was full of nasty hippies and drug heads and gay people kissing and acting repulsive and it was supposed to be a family freindly park yea right, and to think we lost a great American ICON to NASCAR for a looser hang out. And there was supposed to be no more racing there AT ALL but they will sure let the bicycles get out there hey I hate to sound petty but racing is racing they shouldnt be allowed either. I dont care who this makes mad the truth is the truth and if it does make you mad well then you are the ones that dont belong here. If Asheville was so great for you to move here then WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO CHANGE IT!!!????
Anonymous picture
@ 2009-09-06 23:13:49
I also agree with your statement Anonymous. It killed me when Flemington (New Jersey) Fairgrounds was demolished all for a Lowe's and mall. I had a friend who lived near it and he used to go see the Craftsman Truck Series races, and still went after the truck series didn't return. It's always the riches and the new comers who complain about things.