Volcano in the Cook Inlet near Homer, Alaska. It has been rumbling lately and sent a plume of ash skyward today. Last major eruption event was in 1986.
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@ 2006-01-12 02:37:38
That right there is Augustine Island. On Augustine Island is Augustine Volcano. There's nothing "Saintly" about either one any more. There used to be.

"formed by Augustine Volcano, it was discovered and named 'Saint Augustine Island' in 1778 by Capt. James Cook..." --USGS

Captain Cook also named the volcano: "Mount San Augustin."

(The volcano has also been known as "Mount Chinabora." Explorer Don Ignacio Arteaga in 1779 called it "Pan de Azucar" (sugar loaf.) And the Imperial Russian Navy called the island "Ostrov Chernoburoy.")

But many features of the land given names by either native inhabitants and/or white conquerers/explorers do not last into these modern times.

Officially there is no "St." in the names any longer.

This map should be renamed:
"Augustine Island and Volcano"