Baron Walter Von Richthofen was the uncle and godfather of the legendary WWI fighter pilot known as the ‘Red Baron’.

Referred to as ‘The Richthofen Castle’, Richthofen had this stone estate built in 1887. Fashioned in Prussian design, in a nod to Richthofen’s ancestral home, by architects Maurice Bixco and Jules Jacques Benedict, the property was constructed using limestone imported locally from Castle Rock, CO.
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@ 2012-10-15 13:32:31
About 35 yrs ago, I was dating a relative of the (then) owners. One saturday he invited me to a "BBQ"...little did I know the simple BBQ would be at this grand place. The outside was simply beautiful. The gardens were gorgeous. The interior of the estate was breathtaking. I remember a staircase so wide you could drive a car down it. AND a fireplace that must have been 6ft tall...and 7 ft wide, you could walked right in. One time a really grand old home.