Okay, the boudin and the crackling. We got a place down the road. We used to go in there and get boudin and crackling, and it was always full of people, and we said, Well let me get some boudin and crackling. And we’d eat it and say, Man it’s—it could be better than that. I said, Well they’re making some money with all the people in there, but then actually we said, Man we could make it better. I said, Let me go talk to Miss Lun Thibodaux. She’s the lady with—had the slaughterhouse—32 years had the slaughterhouse. And her husband was Lee Thibodaux. They were friends of my mama and daddy. And so I said, Maybe we’ll open up a little place. I said, You going to come show me how to make some boudin? She said, Sure, I’ll come show you. And she showed us—come and showed us how to make—gave her recipe that she—we figured if she sold it for 32 years, we could sell it for a little while too, you know. And she came over here and she helped us with the recipe.
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