The Beaver Dam Creek softball field, located at Beaver Dam Creek Park in Point Pleasant, NJ, is not an exceptional softball field, as far as fields on the New Jersey shore go. It doesn't have fences, and you'll probably see only weekend-warrior level games there. However, the field does have one thing that most fields don't have ... and that is a 40-foot high net that spans all of left field and covers most of left-center.

The net is in place to protect a car wash on Lakewood Road behind the field. The net also extends into foul territory to protect a gas station and an auto parts store on Bridge Ave.

The net is very much like a net you would see lining the sides of a golf range.

As far as grounds rules for the net in an actual game are concerned, I would imagine that a ball hit into the net on the fly would be an automatic double or triple. But, calling a hit net a live ball wouldn't be something out-of-the-ordinary either.

Approximate outfield dimensions of the field:
Left Field Line: 275 feet (net begins here)
Left-of-Center: 300 feet (net ends here near center field)
Center Field: 290 feet (trees)
Right-Center: 275 feet (trees)
Right Field Line: 290 feet (trees)
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By: tuttleberry


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