The Beriev Be-12 Chayka (NATO reporting name: "Mail") is a Soviet twin-turboprop-powered amphibious anti-submarine and maritime patrol bomber aircraft.

Beriev Be-12 is development of the Beriev Be-6 flying boat whose primary roles were as an anti-submarine and maritime patrol bomber aircraft. Though tracing its origins to the Be-6, the Be-12 inherited little more than the concept of its gull wing and twin oval tailfins.

The Be-12 entered service with the Soviet Navy in the early 1960s in the maritime patrol role, and is one of the few amphibian aircraft still in military service in the world. Initially its role was ASW patrol, but when newer missiles enabled the United States Navy submarines to stay further away from the coast, the Be-12 was converted to a search and rescue role (Be-12PS). Small numbers are still in service.
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