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@ 2005-04-27 16:55:17
I do not seem to get this? what is going on? someone help!
stilicho picture
@ 2005-05-07 03:32:39
Burning Man is a festival that takes place here. For only a few days a year it is a thriving city of several thousand laid out in a circular design. At the end the festival is completely dismantled and the desert returned close to its natural state.
Anonymous picture
@ 2005-05-07 13:17:05
for the curious, this photo was taken Aug 18th, 2003 18:36:19.
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@ 2005-07-06 14:15:33
Several thousand? For 2003, try 30,000 people. For one week it becomes the most populated city in that county.
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@ 2005-07-06 14:17:54
Of course, in that picture, sadly you can't tell because it looks like there's only staff there. Those rings and lines are streets, with the empty space being huge camping areas. There's better aerial pics over at
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@ 2005-08-14 14:58:51
so what happends @ this place?
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@ 2005-08-14 16:52:15
It is a big art / happening / gathering. In earlier years everyone was a participant so everything and everyone was part of some art or performance. Lately its been more commercialized and attracts more sightseers and single day people. The art installations are becoming more mainsteam and require much more planning and financing. Bigger crowds mean more rules and less freedom / more abuse of the system, etc.
dda picture
@ 2006-10-03 12:54:12
The all festival moves 1,3 miles to the NorthEast.
New coordinates :,-119.219942&spn=0.025806,0.039825&t=k&om=1