As dda pointed out the military sites on the Canary Islands are now censored.
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By: kjfitz


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jbottero picture
@ 2006-08-02 14:44:01
Are there other sources for info on what might be at those locations? Antennas of some kind for sure, but Spain? Or maybe that’s where the CIA is now keeping those terrorists that are undergoing “rendition”….
bubaonline picture
@ 2006-08-10 06:37:18
kjfitz picture
@ 2006-11-30 09:36:23
Well, not realy. That cloud cover looks a bit too convenient. Maybe I'm just paranoid. There are almost no clouds in GM but this one exactly matches a formerly censored area? Too coincidental.
dda picture
@ 2006-11-30 11:15:50
You're right, if the zone had not been censured before, we would not noticed that. It's obviously still censored, cleverly, but still censored.