The birthplace of modern Australia, this is where the First Fleet landed in January 1788.
This is the hub of Sydney's ferry traffic.
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By: edv


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@ 2006-01-10 17:13:53

>>>”..this is where the First Fleet landed in January 1788…”

Strictly speaking, that’s not correct.

On 19 January, 1788, the First Fleet anchored in Botany Bay to the south. This is recognised as the landing site. However, it was soon realised that Botany Bay was not suitable for a new settlement, so the fleet moved a short distance north to Port Jackson (aka Sydney Harbour) to establish the new colony of New South Wales.
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@ 2006-01-10 19:52:54
True enough, Bubble. They needed a good supply of fresh water, which Botany Bay did not provide.
I intentionally glossed over that fact for the sake of being brief.
But all they did was 'anchor' in Botany Bay, so it's really just semantics.