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@ 2010-01-13 06:15:11
From American Idol [auditions aired 01/12/10] Recap

In other "People I Would Rather Hang With Than Hear Sing Again" news, 18-year-old chin-strap-facial-hair-afficinado Mike Davis worked on a stunt/tour boat called Codzilla. (The crew of Codzilla will have a Discovery Channel show by the time my recap publishes.) His otherwise uninspiring audition was noteworthy because he not only asked DioGuardi out on a steak dinner but also inspired Simon Cowell to sigh, "I'm gonna take a break. I say yes," while strolling off the set. Given the news that has transpired in the past two days, watching Simon dismiss "Idol" on the air was a sad reminder that the dude checked out years ago.