The professional football player lives here. He just purchased a new home for $2.9M at the Glen Kernan Golf & Country Club. That home is so new there are no views of it on any mapping website at this time. He will most likely be selling this home very soon.
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By: tlp333


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Anonymous picture
@ 2010-10-11 18:39:21
This is not Glen Kernan. Glen Kernan is located at the corner of JTB and Hodges. Furthermore the house pictured above would not be, by any reasonable standard, worth 2.9 million.
tlp333 picture
@ 2010-10-11 19:04:53
I didn't say THIS was Glen Kernan. I said Glen Kernan is where he had just purchased a new home at the time of this post. Sometimes it helps to actually read what is in front of you.