When I asked James what his secret was to finding that perfect balance between the otherwise strong taste of the mustard if it was anyone but himself creating their "secret" sauce and the succulent flavor of their consistently perfectly cooked pork Boston Butts and pork shoulders ("we use one Boston Butt to every two pork shoulders because that's the best parts of the pigs, we do not use the whole-hog just to save money like so many other barbecue places do"-James) which are then fine-chopped but not mushy-chopped, he looked me right in the eye and replied: "salt . . . I use just a tiny bit of extra salt to help bring up the flavor of the meat once the sauce is applied to it; too little salt and you don't taste the pork at all, too much and it makes it taste, well, too salty; I also slow-simmer each batch of sauce that I make myself for hours on hours, hand-stirring and slowly working the consistency of it to where it needs to be, based on my now 50 years experience working here, learning the secret to it at my father's knee".
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