DMAD Reservoir is a large reservoir in the eastern Sevier Desert near Delta, UT. It is an impoundment of the lower reaches of the Sevier River. Much of the water has been removed by upstream users, reducing the river to a fraction of its prehistoric size. The reservoir is an impoundment of the river valley, where it has cut through some deposits, forming a serpentine valley about 1 mile wide and 80 feet deep. The reservoir is also called Delta Reservoir, and is referred to as "The D.M.A.D.".
The DMAD is a large reservoir, created in 1959 by the construction of an earth-fill dam and a north dike. The reservoir shoreline is mostly publicly owned by the BLM, but some state and private lands also abut the reservoir. Public access is unrestricted. Current water use is for warm water, aquatic habitat, recreation, and consumed for irrigation and cooling for the two Intermountain Power Project (IPP)
coal burning power plants.
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