The mission of Dugway is to test U.S. and Allied biological & chemical defense systems; perform Nuclear Biological Chemical survivable testing of defense material; provide support to chemical and biological weapons conventions; and Operate and maintain an installation to support test mission. Dugway is located approximately 80 miles west-southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah in Tooele County. DPG, covering 798,855 acres, is located in the Great Salt Lake Desert, approximately 85 miles southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah. Surrounded on three sides by mountain ranges, the proving grounds terrain varies from level salt flats to scattered sand dunes and rugged mountains.
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jbottero picture
@ 2008-04-08 00:37:01
Lots of circular targets out in the desert around this place.
kjfitz picture
@ 2008-06-12 15:28:55
"Last April 9th, at Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, two soldiers were driving a rented SUV about five kilometers from the part of the range used for live firing. It was at night, and an F-16 that thought it was firing at something in the live fire area, lit up the SUV instead. Only 70 20mm rounds were fired. Fortunately, the two people in the SUV were only injured (both from flying glass, the passenger got a dislocated shoulder as he rapidly exited the vehicle when it quickly turned off the road and stopped.) The investigation of how this happen has not been completed."

Picture here:

Anonymous picture
@ 2009-11-10 14:40:28
It looks like the middle taxiway, SES of the runway has some sort of damage. Any ideas?
Anonymous picture
@ 2009-11-10 14:43:23
Dugway proving Ground was featured on History Channel's UFO Hunters in 2009. They described it as the "new" Area 51.