Faidherbe Bridge is the the symbol of the city of Saint Louis.

Faidherbe Bridge is a road bridge over the Sénégal River which links the island of the city of Saint-Louis in Senegal to the African mainland.[1] The metal bridge is 507.35 metres (1,664.5 ft) long and 10.5 metres (34 ft) wide, weighing 1,500 tonnes (1,500 LT; 1,700 ST). It has eight spans, of which the longest five are 78.26 metres (256.8 ft).

Until the 19th century, access to the island was made through boats. After the introduction of a ferry that could transport 150 passengers, Louis Faidherbe quickly saw that the system was clearly overrun and decided to construct the first bridge over the Sénégal River. The governor of Senegal, Henri de Lamothe decided to take a loan worth five million gold francs to construct a new metallic bridge in Saint-Louis. After the construction company was selected, they all decided to construct a new metallic bridge with a section capable of turning 90 degrees to allow the passage of ships. The bridge was opened on July 14 1897. In the 2000s, a US$ 27 million rehabilitation plan has been inaugurated.
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