The Ohio Guard's Ravenna Training and Logistics Site (RTLS) provides training areas and facilities for combat, combat support and combat service support units of the Ohio Army National Guard and all other reserve components. Prior to the transfer of property accountability from RVAAP to RTLS, RTLS was a tenant unit of RVAAP. As of 16 May 1999, it was comprised of 16,164 acres divided into lettered training areas A through H and J, as well as 13,000 acres of land currently under development for additional training areas. As a result of the 16 January 2002 transfer, RTLS' acreage was increased to 19,938.

The 923 acres of training areas A through C consist of a Unit Training Equipment Site (UTES #1), a temporary bivouac area, a Bailey bridge site and Gunnery Table IV (MILES) range, used primarily by M-1 Abrams main battle tanks, as well as a two unit armory and 260-person barracks. Training Area C includes a Simulation Center, containing an M-1 Abrams Full-Integration Simulation Trainer and a Fire Systems Combined Artillery Training Simulator. An M-1 Mechanized Conduct of Fire Trainer is also located within training area C. Training areas D through H consist of 1,421 acres of wooded area available for dismounted training and field bivouac of troops, with a small amount of off-road vehicular maneuver area. Ground was broken for the new UTES # 1 prior to the end of fiscal year 2000. This facility is located south of the Simulation Center.
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