Fighters at Ramón Villeda Morales International Airport. Base Aérea Coronel Armando Escalón Espinal (San Pedro Sula-La Mesa)
The international airport at San Pedro Sula housed the FAH Vought F4U-4 Corsairs from 1969. In 1975 the first batch of A-37B Dragonflies arrived on the base and from 1976 till 1978 the newly arrived Super Mystères called San Pedro Sula their home base, awaiting their transfer to La Ceiba. After the handover of some ex-FAV F-86K's, the Sabre 4 was introduced with the FAH in 1977, ten of these were obtained from the Yugoslavian air force and served until 1986, when a lack of spare parts forced the FAH to take the type our of service. More Dragonflies followed in 1982 to replace the weary Sabre 4's and when the civil wars in neighbouring El Salvador and Nicaragua escalated. During the eighties, FAH Dragonflies flew missions in support of Honduras Army units against Nicaraguan Sandinista Army troops that entered Honduras territories in the Nicaraguan border area. The last Dragonflies arrived in 1985 including five ex-USAF OA-37Bs. All Dragonflies wear the very effective Vietnam camouflage and a un-official badge of 1 Grupo Aérotactico.
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