(I inverted the thumbnail so it could be more easily read.)

Here's a label or tag from the film used to photograph the Google Maps / Google Earth / Keyhole images. The RMK Top 15 is a camera used in aerial photography.

There has been debate in the past as to whether these photos are all satellite or not. This camera is not used in satellite photography, only aerial photography.

Here's a good article about LA using this camera to map their entire county used in NavigateLA.

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By: kjfitz
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AlbinoFlea picture
@ 2005-10-07 11:50:13

This is pretty cool stuff. Even though Google Earth has different imagery to the east, the tags are still visible all along the seam. Easily one of the worst stitching jobs I've seen; the transitions in this area are in desperate need of a PhotoShop brush-up.