Strong fortifications were built at Ochakiv and on the Kinburn promontory, to protect the entrance to the Dnieper, by the medieval Poles and then by Crimean khan Meñli I Giray in 1492 when it was known as Kara Kerman. Several decades later, the fortress fell to the Ottomans and was subsequently known as Özi.
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By: kjfitz


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Anonymous picture
@ 2007-12-05 04:03:08
It's Island Mayskiy. ARMY island. Not Kinburn!
vliesjes67 picture
@ 2011-08-15 13:19:09
What a nonsense . The island on the photo has nothing to do with the fortress of Kinburn. On yhe island are many antennes. Probably from the cold war. The island was build long after the Crimean war.
You can find the fortress of kinburn exactly south of that Island on the peninsula Kinburnskaya kosa. The fortress has been disapred after the Crimean War . But you can only see the surroundings of the walls of the fvortress when you go to the south with google maps. Then you will see the fortress.
Dick van der Vlies
The Netherlands
vliesjes67 picture
@ 2011-08-15 13:41:56
One of the conditions after the Crimean War was that the fortess should be destroyed so that it could never play a role in the future. One of my forefathers Willem van der Vlies arrived with his son Bernardus van der Vlies about 1787 at the fortress. They had the order to restore the fortress walls and quais.
S o theycame directly in the Turkish- Russian war.
Later Bernardus van der Vlies[1770 Nieuwpoort- The Netherlands- 1846 Odessa] became one of the architects of Odessa, He designed the quarantaine harbour at Odessa, some lighthouses, He also was involved at the design of the famous Potemkin steps. Also he designed the quais of Odessa, which was very beautiful.
Dick van der Vlies
The Netherlands