Several people are known to have lived in a cavity, hollowed out, in and under this giant rock. In 1942, one occupant, an alleged German spy, blew himself up with dynamite as deputies were questioning him (the deputies survived, miraculously). Five years later, a former test pilot and UFO abductee, George Van Tassel, moved his family into the rock, and the location became known as a site of major UFO activity (Van Tassel built the Integratron energy machine three miles south of the Rock). Popular UFO conventions and events were held here until the 1970's. Located north of Landers, it has since become a popular rave location, attracting as many as 3,000 partiers. On February 21, 2000, a huge piece of the rock split off, and nearly crushed an RV. Some say the break occurred due to the heat from a bonfire that burned next to the rock the night before. Others have other ideas. Giant Rock was said to be the "largest free-standing boulder in the world." Now that claim needs to be reconfirmed.

Fun travelogue of a visit to Giant Rock.

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By: kjfitz


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