This is the Weston, CT home of Gregory P. Joseph and Barbara J. Joseph. Gregory P. Joseph is a Lawyer in New York, New York and holds the title of Partner at the Gregory P. Joseph Law Offices, LLC. His firm specializes in the following areas: Litigation, Securities, RICO, and Complex Corporate Litigation.

The home measures in at 4,516 square feet. The latest appraised value puts the price of the home at $2,560,700. It was purchased in 2009 by Gregory and Barbara Joseph for $2,900,000 from Thomas & Linda Grudovich. The Grudovich's were the ones who had the home designed to look like this when they purchased the property in 2004.

This very contemporary home is situated the boarder of Held Pond. Notice the majority of the surrounding homes are very traditional looking, in the New England sense, and this one truly is unique. It has had a recent addition that can be seen from the satellite imagery of an enclosed, connected walkway from the garage area to the main house. In addition, a four foot high stone wall has been erected to block the views and sounds from the street and to keep the 3.96 acre lot serene and private, in addition to adding to its value.

The owners previously lived in Westport, CT and also have had a residence in New York, New York.

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