This is the house of Abraham (SE from the Ziggurat of Ur). Of biblical proportions, the house of Abraham is a site shared by three religions. The actual site is not so large as to see details, but you can see the rooms (the roofing not installed) It is amazing that is still stands after all these years.
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By: killslowly
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@ 2005-12-25 17:19:49
I thought Abraham's birthplace was in Turkey???
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@ 2005-12-25 17:20:43
Edessa, Syria (modern Urfa, Turkey)
The town lies in the fertile plain of Haran, ringed by limestone hills on three sides. It controls the strategic pass to the south, through which runs a road from Anatolia to northern Mesopotamia, which has been used since antiquity. The town in the 2nd millennium BCE was probably the chief city of a Hurrian state destroyed by the Hittites in the 14th century. Traditions of its earliest foundation associate the site with the legendary king Nimrod, and Muslim legend associates the place with Abraham; a cave beneath Urfa's citadel is said to be Abrahams's birthplace.

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@ 2005-12-31 19:55:25
To Anonymous:

Interesting you mention that. There are lots of events/places that are atributed to one country and then Turkey says its in their country. For example: Google Mulla Nasrudin.

Anyway, this is what I know from being at the location, interviewing locals and from internet searches.

Next time there is a question, and supporting documents places as proof, a link to the material would be helpful.

Have a great new year,

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@ 2007-12-12 10:57:16
I have been researching the history of the Sumerians,and other earlier peoples for some thirty years, and it appears that Abram was born in Ur at the time of it glory. It was a powerful, prosperous colorful and busy city at that time. To the best of my research Terah, left there with his two younger sons, Labon, and Abram, and his oldest (Haran) child's son (Lot) when Abram was around forty years of age. They traveled up the Euphrates river and stopped at cite, which they named after Terah's firstborn child, Haran. Later this land was know as Syria. According to the dates given in the KJT this was in the year of 2048 AM (After Man). Abram would leave this place at the age of seventy-five and journey until he reached the land now know as Israel.

I am a history teacher and science, and would love to know if someone has any good information on this period of time.

Now at the age of seventy-seven I am trying to put together a text book to be used by our educators as an alternative to the secular text book now in our public schools. I would greatly appreciate any inputs to these thoughts

A History teacher,