[Hains Point] is most famous for J. Seward Johnson Jr.'s sculpture, "The Awakening," showing a giant-sized head, knee, foot, hand and arm rising out of the ground.

Mary Ellen Koenig says of the sculpture:

"If votes were ever tabulated on the subject, the city's favorite piece of public sculpture would undoubtedly be Hains Point's "The Awakening" by J. Seward Johnson Jr. More commonly referred to as "The Giant," Seward's vision of a huge bearded man struggling to rise from under the ground fascinates all ages. The occasional child might try to interpret the statue; one young tourist was recently overheard asking his mother, "Is this one of the presidents?" But the average kid will whoop with the excitement of crawling all over the big fella's body. A huge left palm becomes a mini-slide for toddlers while the gigantic left knee is a challenge for older kids to race up and slide down."
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