This is the Milford, CT home of John P. Nolan and his wife Laurel A. Nolan. This home has gained attention in the news due to a lawsuit filed by the Nolan family. The case is NOLAN v. CITY OF MILFORD or John P. Nolan et al. v. CITY OF MILFORD. No. 26364. Argued Oct. 17, 2005. -- December 13, 2005.

"The plaintiffs, John P. Nolan and Laurel Dixon-Nolan, appeal from the judgment of the trial court determining that the defendant, the city of Milford (city) overvalued their improved residence and land on Point Lookout and reducing their assessment from $2,546,700 to $2,066,880. On appeal, the plaintiffs claim:  (1) the court improperly considered the city assessor's testimony, which was biased;  (2) the defendant's appraisal report should not have been considered by the court because it did not comply with the uniform standards of professional appraiser practice;  (3) the assessor's comparable land sales were unreliable according to the evidence and, therefore, should not have been considered;  (4) the city's valuation relied on  a mass appraisal and was unreliable and affected the assessor's assessment;  and, finally, (5) the court improperly failed to reduce the fair market value of their property for assessment purposes to $1,747,000."

The home has a total of 8,787 square feet overlooking Long Island Sound. The 2011 tax assement of the property lists the value at $1,888,978.

Mr. Nolan is an executive at Smith & Wessen.
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