Probably the most well known Greek author of the last few centuries, Kazantzakis created one of the greatest characters in history, Zorba the Greek. This novel is essential reading for anyone who is even thinking about travelling to Crete. He also wrote The Last Temptation of Christ which bothered all sorts of people. Kazantzakis ran a close second to Albert Camus for the Nobel Prize for literature in 1951.

His tomb sits on the southern portion of the wall that surrounds Iraklio, Crete's capital, and the site has become a common spot for young couples to hang out and smooch. His inspiring epitaph, written in stone, says 'Den elpizo tipota, den fovame tipota, eimai eleftheros' which means 'I hope for nothing, I fear nothing, I am free.'
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By: DonMartini


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